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The Office of Consumer Counsel (OCC) was created by the legislature in 1984 to represent the public interest and the specific interests of residential, small business and agricultural consumers in electric, natural gas, and telecommunications rate and rulemaking cases before the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), federal agencies, and the courts.

Unlike the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and most agencies within DORA, the OCC has no regulatory authority.  The OCC is the sole voice charged with advocating for consumers when utilities seek to raise their rates.  Forty states and the District of Columbia also have state utility consumer advocates.

The OCC has no direct regulatory authority; it promulgates no rules.

The OCC plays a significant role in advocating for these constituent consumers’ interests in multimillion-dollar rate proceedings involving energy and telecommunications.  Utility regulatory proceedings are very technical, complex, and complicated, requiring specialized analyses and modeling tools, resources not readily available to the average citizen or small business owner.

In most cases, the OCC reacts to filings made by regulated utilities or to initiatives of the PUC.  However, the OCC may also initiate cases by challenging a utility’s rates or adequacy of service or by proposing that the Commission modify its rules.  The OCC represents broad classes of consumers and may not represent individual consumers in complaints against utilities.

The OCC employs financial, economic, engineering, and policy analysts and other professionals to analyze utility rate and service information and intervene in proceedings that involve rate changes, rulemaking, service modifications, and certificates of public convenience and necessity. Three attorneys in the Department of Law are assigned to the OCC for legal representation in the various utility regulatory proceedings. The OCC also contracts with recognized and technically qualified experts to perform research and appear as expert witnesses in proceedings.

Contact Information

Office of Consumer Counsel
1560 Broadway, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303-894-2121 | Fax: 303-894-2117


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