Who Provides Electricity For the City of Pueblo?

Black Hills Energy holds the 20-year franchise (2010-20-30) to supply electricity to the City of Pueblo. Black Hills was required to apply to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) for a Certificate Of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) in order to qualify as a service provider in Pueblo, and the City was obligated to ask the voters to approve Ordinance 8182 granting Black Hills the Franchise. Some City Council members and citizens wanted the City to buy the previous provider and become a City Municipal Electric Utility, but the voters approved Black Hills Energy 70% to 20%.

The Franchise Agreement can be found here:

Franchise Agreement Key Sections

Franchise Agreement and Exhibits

Key Elements of the Pueblo/Black Hills Franchise Agreement:

  • The Agreement is nonexclusive and the  City has the right to terminate
  • Possible ordinances exist in the agreement that impose fees to offset City costs
  • The Utility  pays 3% of gross revenue collected from customers, to the City and the City electric meters are included in utility gross revenue
  • The City can aggregate utility service
  • Utility Agrees to cooperate on Energy Efficiency
  • Low-cost, sustainable development, environmental excellence and innovation are the foundation of the agreement
  • The Utility supports environmental research projects and partnerships including a Solar Technology Application Center
  • City has the right to intervene in Public Utility Commission rate requests and can request Regulatory Communication